Fun Events & Specials

Nearly every weekday there is a good reason to come visit with us..

1/2 Price Flat Bread!!
with any bottle of wine

All day Monday we offer 1/2 price
flatbreads with any wine bottle.

1/2 Price Wine-Down Wednesday!!!
on over 60 bottles of select wine.

This is your chance to enjoy that special
bottle you've been thinking about.


Every Thursday from 3pm to 10pm

Come enjoy 1/2 price beer when you
purchase one of our flat breads.


Every Sunday we offer $5 glasses
of any open wine.

Regular prices vary from $7/glass to $24/glass.

Come enjoy some fantastic wines by the glass until we finish all the open bottles.


Art Show - Everu 3rd Saturday of the Month.
Keeping the Culture Alive Brings you a monthly
event for the whole family.

KTCA takes pride in supporting artists from
all walks of life, mediums and genres.

This outdoor event is sponsored by Wine 101
and The Cracked Mug coffee house.