Fun Events & Specials

Nearly every weekday there is a good reason to come visit with us..

Live Music In The Courtyard

September 1st - Jerry Bailey - 10:30am
September 1st - The GR8 Band - 7:30pm
September 5th - Jerry Bailey - 7:30pm
September 7th - Jerry Bailey - 7:30pm
September 8th - South River Band - 7:30pm
September 12th - The GR8 Band - 7:30pm
September 14th - South River Band - 7:30pm
September15th - Phil Grota Band - 7:30pm
September19th - Don Kline- 7"30pm
September 22nd - The GR8 Band - 7:30pm
September 26th - Jerry Bailey - 7:30pm
September28th - Don Kline - 7:30pm
September 29th - The Native Texans - 7:30pm

October 3rd - Don Klaine - 7:30pm
October 5th - Jerry Bailey - 7:30pm
October 6th - Don Kaine - 10:30am
October 6th - The Native Texans - 7:30pm
October 10th jerry Bailey - 7:30pm
October 12th The GR8 Band - 7:30pm
October 13th - South River Band - 7:30pm
October 19th - The GR8 Band - 7:30pm
October 20th - Phil Grota Jazz Band - 7:30pm
October 24th - Don Klaine - 7:30pm
October 26th - The GR8 Band - 7:30pm
October 27th - The GR8 Band - 7:30pm
October 31st. Jerry Bailey - 7:30pm

Monthly Events

Market Days
Every 1st Saturday of the month
10am to 5pm

Visit us  and get ready to enjoy  food, and a good time and visit as local craftsmen fill Old Town with treasures from across South Texas.
We currently still have a few FREE spaces available for vendors. If you are interested in joining us please contact us via email at
or via telephone at: (210) 313-0819. You can select your preferred spot from the map below. Booth paces are marked in gray and arranged in 4 rows A,B, C and D, and are numbered appropriately. Red booth numbers represent booths that have power available. You may also download the form in PDF. format by clicking here.

Ladies Night Out in Old Town
Every 2nd Wednesday of the month
4pm to 8pm

Calling all ladies! It's time for Ladies Night out in Old Town Helotes! Every second Wednesday, the shops in Old Town Helotes open late for a night out on the town. Food, music, giveaways, and, as always, free beverages!

Family Game Night
Every 2nd Saturday of the month
4pm to 8pm

Family Game Night at Old Town Helotes. Google +. December 9, 2017 | 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm. Location: 14743 Old Bandera Road. Community Events. You're invited to a full night of family fun! Family Game Night occurs on the second Saturday of each month.

Helotes Art Walk
Every 3rd Saturday of the month
4pm to 8pm

The Helotes Art Walk is a family friendly evening filled with local art, food, wine, prizes and more. Free and open to the public.

Weekly Specials

1/2 Price Flat Bread!!
with any bottle of wine

All day Monday we offer 1/2 price
flatbreads with any wine bottle.

1/2 Price Wine-Down Wednesday!!!
on over 60 bottles of select wine.

This is your chance to enjoy that special
bottle you've been thinking about.


Every Thursday from 3pm to 10pm

Come enjoy 1/2 price beer when you
purchase one of our flat breads.


Every Sunday we offer $5 glasses
of any open wine.

Regular prices vary from $7/glass to $24/glass.

Come enjoy some fantastic wines by the glass until we finish all the open bottles.